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After purchasing a Sony Laptop for my son with an extended service plan from Jake Wand's Asschar store, my life's become ***. The screen developed a crack and after some days I found that is not original Sony.

I reported the same to Jake Wand, the Sales Manager of Asschar and his customer service dept. First they denied that that is their product even after showing bill. Then after giving them threat that I will complain Consumer Forum they agreed that they sold the Laptop to me.

Then I told them to replace the laptop with a new (of course original one), they denied, again. That moment I lost hope on them and seat back.

Unexpectedly, after a couple of weeks, one of Jake Wand's executives called me and told me that they will come at my place and take the damaged laptop for repairing. I was shocked, and thought "is that a drama going on?"

Well, I permitted them to come and take the laptop.

Now, around 4 months have been passed and I have wasted so much of my time and money in calling them, but the result is absolute ZERO.


Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Lori M. Dean Criminal, liar, adulterer, *** (well maybe that is not so bad )and generally mentally ill person who loves to continue to post lies and innuendo in an attempt to "control" the people around her.

What Lori does not realize is that her pretty little world of lies and manipulation is about to come crashing down around her. Mark my words, and tune in for more developments.

This WILL be fun to watch!!!!!


Jake Wand is a scammer and his Asschar media house is a fraud company..don;t work with them ...


Jake Wand embezzeled money from our company and myself personally.Jake Wand was introduced to me by a "mutual" friend (who i learned later had not known Jake for more than a week).

Against my better judgment i invited Jake into our project hoping he could deliver what he promised - to successfully pitch our company to industry insiders that he said he had done business with on numerous occasions. The truth is that Jake doesnt really "know" anyone except those that jake has already scammed. Everyone needs to finally admit that no-one really knows who this guy named Jake Wand is... An investigator we retained learned that he has no formal education, has never filed taxes or recieved legitimate w-2 income, has scammed his way into owning several small businesses (and then destroyed each after milking every dime), and has had at least 10 addresses over just the past few years (a usual sign of a *** artist).

He wiggled his way into our lives and then cleaned us out. We have reported Jake to the authorities who have told us an investigation was actually already underway. I am writing this in order to stop this guy from continuing his determined scamming of family after family.

If you have information on his current "operations" you should notify the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.You'll be glad you did!


Yes, Jake Wand is a fraud. I worked with him previously and he scamed me as well. I have also heard Jake Wand's Asschar is already a fraud company.

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